Erich was always a huge sports fan, and a passionate runner – he ran 40 marathons. He commentated on the Olympics in 1972 and 1976; he also made classic films for NBC on the history of the Olympic events. Erich wrote numerous articles, both academic and popular on running and the marathon.

Munich Olympics  1972

Erich commentated for ABC on the marathon , and was most remembered for his unprofessional, but totally appropriate outburst when an imposter ran in front of the winner Frank Shorter. Frank had been Erich’s student at Yale and he was outraged!

Forgetting he was on national television Erich shouted: “That’s not Frank, it’s an imposter, get that guy off the track! It’s a fraud, Frank!”

This was also one of the Washington Post’s 10 favourite sports calls.


Montreal Olympics 1976

Erich commentated for ABC . He also had a daily slot for RTL French radio. This is a small piece he made about running the marathon route.

Watch Frank Shorter winning the gold medal at Munich olympics in 1972 beating Lismont (Belgium) and Mamo Wolde (Ethiopia). Commentators – Jim McKay and Erich Segal.