Caesar Augustus: Seven Aspects

This book presents seven fresh and original views of Caesar Augustus by an international group of scholars. The papers collected here consider the image which he presented of himself, how historians and poets reacted to him, the nature of his rule, and the representation of the newly-established monarch among his subjects in the provinces.

‘All serious students of Augustus will benefit from these essays.’ The Classical Association of the Atlantic States

‘Sir Ronald Syme has been honoured by seven pieces of scholarship which individually and collectively represent the most important contributions to the study of Augustus for many years.’ Greece and Rome

‘A significant contribution to the image which Augustus wished to establish for himself, among his contemporaries and posterity.’ Latomus

‘A substantial contribution to an important subject …That elusive aristocrat who presided over the most critical period in the history of Rome … Far more than just a collection of honorific essays, it is a substantial contribution to an important subject.’ Times Literary Supplement

‘Fergus Millar and Erich Segal have succeeded in editing a collection of essays by distinguished scholars from several countries. All seven articles contain helpful endnotes and the work as a whole is a valuable contribution to scholarship on the Augustan Age.’ Classical Bulletin